About Us


We believe that as a family-owned and operated centre we offer flexibility that allows us to individualism your child’s daily experiences.  We bring over 15 years of teaching experience to the centre ensuring that your child is ready for school. Our programs incorporate the Early Years Framework from an early age to develop the skills necessary for lifelong learning.

Food is at the heart of our centre.  To be able to fully engage in activities, children need to be given quality nutritious meals. 

Great care is given to developing our menu and we use only free range produce. We can also tailor our menu to suit your individual child’s needs.

Our Team

Lauren - Centre Coordinator
Ashleigh - Family Administration Coordinator
Chyna - Cert III Trainee
Amy - Diploma Qualified

Aqsa - Cert III Qualified

Taylor - Diploma Qualified

Maia - Diploma Qualified

Dellyth - Cert III Qualified

Bethany - Cert III Qualified

Our educators are an integral part of the education and care that we provide. We believe that when educators establish respectful and caring relationships with families, we can work together to deliver curriculum and learning experiences that are relevant to each child.

At our Centre, you will find staff who are:

  • Educated and qualified in child development and curriculum delivery.
  • Professional and passionate about the work that they do.
  • Experienced in engaging children in play.
  • Committed to providing excellent care.

What Our Customers Say

“Our kids love your Centre”

“Thanks so much for making this whole childcare journey sooo easy for us!”

“Your support for the parents and love & care for the kids means so much to me. Thanks.”

“The most caring and patient child care workers we have met.”

“You have a wonderful bunch of people working there.”